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Our thinking is crucial to our experience, success and satisfaction in our careers, relationships, and lives. Unfortunately, we are mentally cloaked in negative thinking most of the day, every day. Over time, our thinking shapes our beliefs, our attitudes and behaviors, and molds our personalities.

Did you know that every time we have a thought of any kind, there is a chemical, biological response in the body? Good thoughts produce good feeling chemicals, such as oxytocin, dopamine, growth factor, etc. These chemicals provide a good feeling and corresponding emotion and the body sends a positive signal back to the brain. When we have negative thoughts, the brain sends very different chemicals, such as cortisol, into the body, which results in a 'not so good' feeling and emotion. The body then triggers negative signals to the brain. The brain senses anxiety and releases more "feel bad" chemicals, creating a more redundant feedback loop.

What is your company's personality? What kind of signals is the biz brain (C-level) sending to the biz body (employee base)?? What kind of signals are being sent back to the biz brain? Are these signals helping or hurting profits? The goal is always to improve the signaling in order to increase: alignment with goals/mission, engagement, satisfaction, retention and ultimately, profits.


Half-day, one-and two-day workshops

The workshops are typically done offsite, as learning and changes take place when we step outside our environment.


What will you get in return?

Hopefully a few laughs and a nice break from work for a day or so.


But also, I challenge people into new ways of thinking and performing. I offer leading edge ideas on how to shift those thoughts and patterns that are un-serving into more empowering behaviors and beliefs. I love to help individuals achieve their personal best as they contribute to the welfare of the greater organization.

Top talks and workshops include:

  • W.O.R.K. (Where Our Realities Kindle),

  • What Were You Thinking, C.O.R.E. (Creating Our Realities Everyday) and

  • Mind Redesign (signature presentation)


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