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Meet Lynn

I’m Lynn DelGaudio, and I am an Integrative Health & Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. I believe in the brilliant ability of the mind to catapult us into amazing places in our lives. I experienced this first hand after a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in 2014. During the healing process, it became clear that my mind would need a full redesign if my body were to heal. I knew this attention to my thoughts was of paramount importance, but I had NO idea just how powerful and life altering it would be! My mind redesign became the catalyst for not only my healing, but also toward incredibly purposeful and passionate living. I now coach others so that they too may experience similar transformation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur feeling stuck, a busy professional who wants balance or a more creative and fulfilling experience, or an employer who wishes the same for your team, I have the tools to get you back on track, regain your balance and mojo, and create a more vibrant, inspired, productive, and empowered environment and life.

My Approach

In my workshops and sessions, I help clients re-connect with the leader and creator within so that they live in, and from an inspired state of mind, and become the very best version of their authentic self. I offer simple tools that help clients redesign their minds to create remarkable effects in their organizations and their lives. Clients learn how to increase awareness of thoughts and patterns that are un-serving, and replace them with new thoughts and patterns. My clients feel energized knowing they are equipped with a road map, a sound plan moving forward in a meaningful, positive and lasting manner.

Why LD?

The simple yet powerful tools I offer will provide lasting positive changes in your career, your bottom line, your life experience. I know, because I've lived the experience. My passion and purpose is now to help others connect with the creator within and achieve their fullest potential. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success based on your specific goals. Contact me for a free discovery session. I look forward to working with you!



With tears in his eyes, my husband said that he's noticed my love and support these last few weeks and really appreciates it.  This helps affirm our work!  Thanks for listening and guiding me!

~female 55, Cary, NC~

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